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    Mass Youth Soccer Introduces Safe Soccer Platform

    Last year Congress passed the Abuse Prevention Act and U.S. Soccer established requirements for alladults involved in youth soccer know as US Soccer's Safe Soccer Framework. In support, and collective efforts to provide the safest possible soccer environment for all players and participants, Massachusetts Youth Soccer created MA Safe Soccer.

    What does this mean to you as an adult involved in your organization's soccer activities? The key elements are:

    • Expansion of Background Checks, including State and National Sex Offender Searches

    • Abuse Prevention Education and Training

    • Concussion Training: CDC's Heads Up Coaches Course

    • Use of New Membership Management System for Adult Registrations

    • Adherence to new Mass Youth Soccer Player and Participant Safety Policy

    • New MA Safe Soccer Platform

    Safety Above All

    Our mission, vision and belief statements stress that our youth participants' health, safety and wellbeingare driving factors in all that we do and in the services we provide to our members. From the day a young child first registers to play through their final years as a teenager, Massachusetts Youth Soccer is dedicated to providing the best possible environment.

    Massachusetts Youth Soccer Safe Soccer Statement

    The MA Safe Soccer platform provides all Massachusetts Youth Soccer participants (players, coaches, referees, administrators, volunteers and parents) the tools to make their soccer experience safe, healthy and free from emotional, physical or sexual abuse.

    The overall steps from this HYS US Soccer Connect web site page:

    1. Complete your Annual Adult Registration by clicking on the Register Now button in the left hand column of this screen and establish your account (keep your username and passwords handy and make sure to use the same email address for all soccer related dealings).

    2. From your account dashboard, look at your compliance statuses for background checks and required training. Note, if your due for a new background check, status updates may take up to 7 days to update.

    3. Once your background checks are cleared and training requirements are met your town/club Registrar will print out your Mass Youth Soccer credential and you're all set to go. HYS town Registrar's email is operations@hopkintonsoccer.org.